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9 New Trendy Hair Styles To Refresh Your Look In 2024

Updated: Jan 16

9 trendy haircuts, 2024

Try one of these stylish haircut trends to elevate your style in 2024!

Whether embracing the charm of curly pixies, channeling the retro vibes with '70s bangs, or opting for the trendy butterfly layers, there are plenty of bold options to consider in 2024. If you're feeling adventurous! The start of a new year often brings a sense of renewal and the desire for change. It's a perfect time to explore new possibilities, whether redecorating your apartment, picking up a new hobby, or giving yourself a fresh look with a new haircut. The versatility of 2024's haircut trends adds extra excitement to that first trip to the salon. It's an excellent opportunity to express yourself and embrace a style that resonates with your personality. Appreciate the journey of reinventing yourself in the new year!

The Wavy Blunt Bob 

wavy blunt bob haircut

It sounds like a fantastic and on-trend hairstyle for 2024! The desire for a more relaxed and "lived-in" look aligns with the trend towards effortless styles. The choice of slightly tousled waves that mimic natural textures adds a touch of casual elegance to the classic bob, offering a more laid-back and versatile appearance.

The decision to forgo layers in favor of blunt ends is interesting, as it brings an edgy and modern twist to the traditional bob shape. The jagged edges can add a sense of boldness and contemporary flair to the haircut. If you're looking for a stylish and modern update, the wavy blunt bob is a fantastic choice!

Removing some weight from the ends is a great tip to prevent bulkiness and enhance the versatility of the hairstyle. This adjustment allows for the flexibility to achieve straight, sleek, rounder, fuller, and denser looks, depending on individual hair texture.

The suggestion to keep the cut square is interesting, as it can create height in the corners and push the hair forward towards the face. This technique adds a dynamic element to the hairstyle and contributes to a flattering frame around the face. If you're considering a wavy blunt bob, these tips could enhance the overall impact of the hairstyle.

The '70s Birkin Bangs

birkin bangs, haircut

A stylish and nostalgic choice for those looking to embrace a retro vibe in 2024! Inspired by the iconic Jane Birkin, this haircut features full French bangs paired with collarbone-length or longer hair, capturing the essence of that era's fashion.

The emphasis on subtle layers, slightly uneven and "broken," adds to the undone and natural appearance of the look. This approach enhances the overall vibe and contributes to a soft and effortlessly chic aesthetic.

The versatility of this haircut is highlighted, especially for individuals with natural type 2 waves, as it allows for an easy-going, free-spirited look with minimal styling.

It's always exciting to see classic styles returning, and the '70s Birkin Bangs seem like a beautiful way to infuse some timeless charm into contemporary fashion. This could be an excellent choice for your next haircut if you enjoy vintage-inspired looks!

The Chin-Length Bob

chin length bob, haircut

It is poised to be another popular short haircut in 2024, offering a dramatic and stylish transformation. Different styling options highlight the versatility of the chin-length bob. You can wear it sleek, straight, and parted down the middle for a chic and polished look, similar to Lori Harvey's style. Alternatively, adding some curl cream and wearing it with texture, like Issa Rae's tousled side-part bob, offers a more relaxed and casual appearance.

The adaptability of this haircut makes it suitable for various preferences and occasions, making it a versatile and trendy choice for those looking to make a statement in 2024. Whether you prefer a sleek or textured finish, the chin-length bob allows for playful experimentation with your style.

The Halo Cut

halo haircut

A captivating and ethereal option for those seeking a face-framing and relaxed haircut in 2024. Described as a more laid-back version of the bowl cut, it brings a loose, round shape that creates an arch below the brows, carving around the face and opening up at the cheekbones. This description suggests a hairstyle that frames the face elegantly and adds a soft and flattering dimension to the overall look.

The relaxed nature of the Halo Cut makes it a versatile choice, offering a balance between a structured and carefree aesthetic. It's always refreshing to see new and creative takes on classic styles, and the Halo Cut seems to bring a contemporary twist to the timeless concept of face-framing haircuts. The customization options for the Halo Cut, with variations in length from chin to collarbone, offer a range of choices to suit individual preferences.

The distinctive feature of this look, the curved bangs, adds a unique touch that sets it apart.

Regarding the bangs, the suggestion to cut along the eyebrow and frame the face is interesting. This technique not only ensures a flattering and face-framing effect but also allows the layers to enhance the curves and contours of the face. Discussing these details with your stylist can help tailor the look to suit your facial features and style preferences if you're considering this haircut. It's always exciting to have the opportunity to personalize a trendy haircut to make it uniquely yours!

The Curly Pixie

Curly Pixie Haircut

This, also known as "The Swish," is set to be a flirty and refreshing update to the classic pixie haircut in 2024. Stars like Taylor Hill and Joey King have embraced this short hairstyle featuring curly bangs. Ask your hairstylist for higher side layers, front-load the volume, and emphasize the sweeping fringe to achieve the desired effect. This adjustment adds a playful and dynamic element to the classic pixie cut, making it an excellent choice for those looking to refresh their look completely.

The Curly Pixie is particularly well-suited for individuals with naturally wavy hair texture, allowing the hair to showcase its natural curls with minimal styling effort. A few spritzes of texturizer, such as the SexyHair Texture Beach'n Spray, can help define the curls and gather the bangs into place, making it a convenient and stylish option for those who prefer a low-maintenance routine. If you're looking for a playful and trendy haircut, the Curly Pixie might be the perfect choice for a bold and refreshing look in 2024!

Eyelash Bangs

eyelash bangs, haircut

As described as longer and wispy, is anticipated to be a notable trend in 2024. The longer length creates a unique and eye-catching look that adds a touch of mystery.

For individuals with naturally straight hair, these bangs offer a low-maintenance option as they can be worn straight down, providing a super sexy and mysterious vibe. In terms of functionality, The sides can be left longer to blend in with the rest of your hair, creating a face-framing arch. This careful consideration for style and practicality ensures that the eyelash bangs look fabulous and serve a functional purpose. If you're looking for a bold and eye-catching hairstyle in 2024, the eyelash bangs could be the perfect choice to make a statement.

The Round Curly Cut

round curly haircut

It is touted as one of the most versatile and popular options for enhancing the natural beauty of textured hair in 2024. This cut is designed to shape the face and allow curls to appear fuller and more uniform. The versatility of the Round Curly Cut makes it suitable for various textures and lengths, offering a flattering and dynamic look.

The Round Curly Cut is a fantastic choice for individuals with curly hair to embrace and celebrate the natural texture while maintaining a stylish and well-defined shape. If you're considering a curly haircut in 2024, discussing the Round Curly Cut with your hairstylist and bringing reference pictures can provide a personalized and satisfying result.

It's great to have inspiring examples to reference when considering a Round Curly Cut. Yara Shahidi's shoulder-length rounded cut with curved, face-framing curly bangs showcases a stylish and dynamic trend interpretation. Incorporating bangs adds a playful and face-framing element, enhancing the overall look.

The Polished Shag

polished shag haircut

An elevated and sophisticated evolution of the trendy shaggy bob from the previous year. Described as the "bougie sister" to the shaggy bob, this haircut is predicted to be a sought-after choice in 2024 for those wanting to upgrade their basic bob or shag. For those interested in the standard version, asking the stylist to add internal layers throughout the bottom of the hair can create volume and movement, thanks to weight removal.

To customize the look further, individuals can opt for variations like a sultrier version for thinner hair types, with longer layers from the crown to the nape. For a more dramatic effect, adding extra wispy bangs and flipping the ends with a flat iron can provide a retro and stylish touch. The versatility and adaptability of the Polished Shag make it a promising option for those looking for a chic and on-trend haircut in 2024.

Butterfly Layers

butterfly layered haircut

This beautiful, feminine haircut choice delicately frames the face with soft and flattering layers, offering softness and movement. To achieve the desired look, ask your stylist for angled or face-framing layers, removing weight from around the curvature of the face to create volume and movement. For those seeking increased volume and fullness, extending the layers throughout can be achieved by using the face-framing layers as a stationary guide and over directing the remaining hair section by section.

When styling this cut for maximum volume, use a round brush dryer with a light mousse, such as the Styling Mousse. The Full-Time Plumping Mousse is recommended for an airy and plumping effect, providing incredible staying power to the style. Drying the bangs forward and away from the face during styling can create the signature butterfly look that adds to the allure of this style. If you're looking for a haircut that combines grace and volume, the Butterfly Layers seem like an enchanting choice for a feminine and stylish appearance.

We want to help you experiment with these fabulous hair trends of 2024! Hit the button below to book an appointment with a stylist at our salon today!

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