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9 Signs It's Time For A Haircut

Haircut at a beauty salon
When should you get a haircut?

Is your hair losing its luster? Are split ends taking over? Discover the signs that indicate it's time for a haircut and why Finesse Salon is the place to be. Our capable stylists are ready to revitalize your locks so you can enjoy healthy, moisturized, and voluminous hair. Don't wait – schedule your appointment now for a transformative experience.

Are your hair or ends feeling dry, lacking the usual shine, or not looking fabulous? Then you should look into getting a haircut at Finesse Salon!

The hair of your dreams could be a few snips away. All you have to do is bring yourself to the salon and get it done, all with a capable stylist to cut hair and style your look.

A haircut can transform the unhealthiest tresses into something manageable and on the way to becoming healthy, moisturized, and full of volume.

Why Should I Get a Haircut?

Getting haircuts should always be a part of your hair care. A trim helps keep your tresses healthy by removing breakage or split ends. Choosing not to get haircuts can be detrimental to all your hard work to keep your hair healthy, so try to take advantage of it.

If you do not get a regular haircut to chop off your split ends, your strands will not grow as you want. Plus, if you feel like your hair looks frizzy or damaged, getting at least a trim can help restore your healthy shine. Follow this up with a consistent hydrating hair care regimen.

9 Reasons You May Need to Schedule that Hair Appointment

While getting your hair cut may not always be your favorite thing when dealing with your beauty regimen, some obvious red flags tell you when to get a haircut. Whether it be a trim or a whole new hairstyle, you should probably contact your haircut if:

Reason 1: Your ends dry faster than the rest of your hair

When your cuticles get damaged, they become more porous and cannot retain moisture. If your ends are drying way quicker than the rest of your hair after you take a shower, you should think about getting your hair trimmed to get rid of any damage.

Reason 2: Your hair has split ends

Split ends and your hair are mortal nemeses. As a sign of damage and breakage, split ends are unsuitable to have hanging around.

Reason 3: Your hair is limp and lacks volume

No one wants to have lifeless-looking hair. That is the complete opposite of a chic 'do. Ignoring your haircut appointments is a one-way ticket to ending up with limp strands with no volume. Getting a haircut will give life back to your tresses, eliminating any dead ends and bringing them down.

Reason 4: Your hair will not hold a style

We all hate it when we spend hours doing our hair the way we like it, and then ten minutes after admiring it, the style becomes limp and lifeless.

This is a clear sign of damage, and your hair needs a little TLC. If you often use heat tools to style your hair, get regular trims to eliminate any heat damage.

If you want to style your hair with minimal damage, try looking for styles that can be done with pins or braids. 

Reason 5: Your hair is hard to comb and gets tangled easily

When you have damaged hair, it tends to get tangled very easily. So, when you're trying to brush or comb your hair and the knots are never-ending, you should look into cutting off the dead ends, giving you an unwelcome arm workout.

Reason 6: Your naturally curly hair is now straight (or your hair has lost its bounce)

If you are looking back on pictures and your curls slowly start to look straight over time or not as "bouncy" as they used to be, then - you guessed it - you need a haircut.

It would be best to look into getting a curly cut.

A curly cut is just a technique specific to certain textured hair types. Finesse Salon hairstylists have a unique method for cutting curly, wavy, or oily hair types.

Reason 7: Your hair looks dull

Damaged hair loses its shine, which is why shine is a crucial indicator of having healthier hair. If you notice the difference in shine from your roots to your ends, especially as your ends start to look dull, then you need a trim at the very least.

The haircut will eliminate the dead ends that are making your hair dull, and combining that with other hair care practices will help you bring that stellar shine back.

Reason 8: Your hair has lost its shape.

If you cut your hair into layers or a cute pixie bob, you probably need to schedule a haircut every four to six weeks to maintain the cut and shape of your hairstyle. This is particularly true for very blunt haircuts.

Reason 9: You need a change and want to try something new

Damage is not the only reason you may need a haircut. Sometimes, this appointment is a great way to spice up your hairstyle and give yourself something new to look at in the mirror.

Ask for your salon's lookbook, check our recent articles for trending styles, or get inspired by these date night looks that could help you decide which aesthetic you're after.

How Often Do I Get a Haircut?

The frequency of getting your hair cut ultimately depends on how well you take care of it. Understanding how to care for your hair is just knowing your hair type and porosity.

For a general healthy estimate, you should get a trim every 8 to 12 weeks.

If you notice any of the red flags mentioned above, try to get a trim more frequently than the general 8 to 12 weeks. This timeframe also begins sooner if you cut your hair into different styles, like layers, and need to maintain the look.

To Cut or Not to Cut...

It's mid-afternoon, and you are excited to get rid of your dead ends and rock a new healthy hairstyle. The stylist comes

closer with their hair shears, and you start to get a little nervous because of all the horror stories you hear about stylists cutting too much off.

Haircuts aren't always nightmares, thankfully. You just have to know what look you're going for and find a stylist you trust.

Going to a salon and finding a stylist who cares about the health of your hair is essential. After seeing this stylist, you can keep a relationship with them and have someone who knows how you like your hair cut and styled.

Once you find that stylist and go to your regularly scheduled hair appointments, your look will be on the path to #hairgoals, healthy and full of shine.

So schedule your appointment now if you last did so a while ago. Some salons even include product demos for something you might be considering for your routine at home, but you want to experience it first.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team of stylists would love to support you in your hair care journey.

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